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We are a certified recruitment agency

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praca monter rusztowań, monter rusztowań norwegia



+48 531 809 729 


+48 531 809 729

GM -  Recruitment Agency



About us

oferty pracy niemcy, praca w niemczech

Individual approach


We approach each candidate who sends us their CV individually to propose an appropriate offer.

Our customers


We only work with reliable companies.


This is what we focus on. Thanks to the experience we have, we are well aware of the expectations we can meet.


In our opinion, this is a feature that is important. Therefore, the team that makes up our company has the appropriate qualifications and experience.





- Scaffolder fitter

Offers in the course of publication

How is the recruitment process going:


Step 1

After reviewing a given job offer, the candidate should send us his CV


Step 2

After receiving the application, we contact the candidate to obtain information relevant to us, verification in terms of knowledge of a foreign language, etc.


Step 3

On the basis of the collected information, we create a candidate's profile and then present him to the company where he or she would start working

Step 4

At this step, contact is made from the site
employers, where the details of going to work are discussed

Opinions about us:

Hello everyone :) I came to work through this office and just like I talked to the recruiter, I have a room for myself, the distance to work is also relative, financially, as we agreed. Contract for an indefinite period. I have no reason to complain and you have to work everywhere, nobody will give anything for free. Best regards and if someone is looking for a job, I recommend this agency.


The opinion is the best, the agency is very specific - to the point. What has been said has all come true. When I needed help from the office, I also got it. Thanks a lot!


Hello, I would like to tell you about cooperation with the GM Employment Agency. It is an office worth recommending and trust, it tries to ensure that the recruited employees are never cheated and used by the employer, the office is always there to help and in case of any problems with the language they will help and translate all documents, I know what I say because I have been cooperating with this office for 2 years And they always served me with help and advice, such an office is worth recommending. I greet everyone and invite you to cooperate with the GM Office.


Hello, I am after 4 months (from 09.2020) of work in the company thanks to which I got through GM agencies. Generally, the work in the company is fine, the salary is always on the account until the 15th of each month, the working and accommodation conditions are also ok. One of the best "borrowing" companies I have worked for. They are interested in the employee, they call and ask if everything is okay, if something is needed, etc. I was surprised the most with the last payment because the Christmas bonus was actually paid. With a clear conscience, the company is worth recommending.

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GM - Agencja Pracy

Phone: +48 531 809 729

E-mail adress: biuro@gmpraca.pl

46-300 Olesno

ul. Drzymały 11 B